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F.A.Q. is a fully automated Video Search engine. It does automated hourly scans of streaming websites and lists the best quality videos it found.
Whenever it's on a site that we're scanning and it has a decent quality, it will appear here automatically.
Most listed TV Shows are complete with all Seasons and Episodes. If it's a new Episode that's missing, it will appear as soon as we find it. If it's an Episode somewhere within a Season, the previous Episode was probably a double Episode. If you're sure that it's not, please click the 'Report Issue' -link under the video player to let us know.
Some browsers Mute the sound by default and you must Un-Mute it manually. If it's a smart browser, you should only have to do this once and it should be ok the next time you watch a video.
Because we're boosting the Volume Gain, try lowering the Volume slider in our Player (up/down arrows) before increasing the volume on your device.
Because we don't host videos ourselves, it's quite difficult to find perfectly matching subtitles. Please don't report issues about Subtitles. Our system is constantly searching, adding and replacing subtitles.
All modern/recent mobile and desktop browsers are supported but some perform better than others.
For example, Microsoft Edge works fine but things work much better with Chrome or Opera. Same with Safari. Safari works but we don't recommended it because it's so slow. This site works best with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave etc..
Yes. All communications between our servers and your browser is 100% secure.
Except when you report a video via the 'Report Issue' -link, nothing is logged or stored. In fact, the server logging is turned off. We don't use cookies, store sessions, userid's or IP addresses. However, our CDN, Google Analytics or our Advertisers may set cookies but that's out of our control.
That information is stored in your local browser storage and never reaches our servers. This is done so that when you reload the page or come back tomorrow, the video continues where it left off.
They know that you are visiting this site but they don't know what you did or what videos you watched. For them, it appears that you are watching Youtube videos. If you are concerned about them knowing that you visited this site, consider using a VPN.
Only if you think it's really important, you can email to